TheVietnameseCook is a blog with recipes that are generally the type of dishes that Vietnamese households will cook every day of the night to eat with rice.

My partner and I are both Vietnamese with a Chinese background and as the name suggests, this site will include mainly Vietnamese dishes, and other recipes I have learnt along the way… whether it be Chinese, Japanese or Western dishes!

Growing up, I was in the kitchen with my mum a lot helping to wash and peel vegetables.  I didn’t start cooking until I moved out of home a few years ago, so whether you have been cooking for years and are wanting to learn more dishes; or you are new to the scene, this is the place to be!

In addition to finding recipes on my blog, you will also find collections of places I have travelled to or eaten (mainly South-east Asian countries). I hope it will be of some help to you when you travel to these places or even inspire you to go there or learn to cook some dishes 🙂

x TheVietnameseCook