Lemongrass & Chilli Pork Ribs (Sườn Heo nướng Sả Ớt)

A little bit salty, a little bit spicy with a hint of lemongrass, these ribs are surprisingly tender and juicy from being grilled on low heat for around 55-60 minutes (Scroll to the bottom to see how juicy the meat looks!!). Although the cook time is a little long, you really only need to tend to these ribs once during the whole cooking process (which is flipping them once at the 30-minute mark). Apart from that it’s basically set and forget! 

As with most marinated meats, this recipe needs to be marinated the night before. On the day of cooking, you just need to preheat, roast, then serve 🙂 

I buy my spare ribs in a whole rack and portion them into 3 sections (about 3-4 ribs per section) to fit into my small convection oven. It is important not to cut the ribs into individual pieces to avoid drying out the meat during the cooking process. Even better if you can fit it as one whole rack in your oven! 

Serves 3-4

Ingredients (marinated overnight)

  • 1.1kg of pork spare ribs1 (2 rib racks)
  • 30g lemongrass, minced2 (soft bottom part of the stem only)
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1½ tbsp fish sauce (viet huong)
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp canola oil
  • ½ tsp minced chilli (or to taste)
  • ½ tsp black pepper
    1 whole rack cut into 3 parts


  1. Cut the rack of ribs into 3 sections, about 3-4 ribs per section
  2. Mix the sauce ingredients in a bowl, then massage into the ribs on both sides overnight
  3. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Once heated, place on a wire rack and roast for 30 minutes meat-side up. Make sure you cook it on an oven rack to allow the fat to drip from your meat                                                                                       IMG_6200
  4. Flip and turn down heat to 160 degrees. Roast for another 25 minutes or until golden
    After 30-min, you can see the meat pull away from the bone
  5. When the ribs are cool enough to handle, cut into individual pieces. Serve fresh from the oven with rice and veggies.
    Look at the juice glistening in the meat!


  1. It is important that you buy the spare ribs with the tips still intact (not baby back ribs). The spare ribs are thinner and longer with soft white bone cartilage at the tips. These ribs are more flavoursome in my opinion as they have a little more fat which keeps the ribs juicy in the cooking process
  2. If you can’t find fresh lemongrass, you can usually buy it pre-minced in the freezer section of asian supermarkets. I recommend you use fresh though as I find it to be more fragrant and you won’t get the hard stalks that are sometimes mixed in with the pre-minced packets 

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  1. sorryless says:

    I love cooking with lemongrass!


    1. Me too! It’s used quite a lot in marinades for Vietnamese grilled meats

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